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The Emperor’s New Clothes

The Story

tells of an Emperor who cares for nothing but new clothes. He hires two swindlers who promise him the finest suit of clothes. It will be made from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “hopelessly stupid. (


, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

THE KING´S NEW CLOTHES SING ALONG x264 – YouTube (1:09) with text on screen “This is the story of the king’s new clothes…” (yr 3-4)



, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

English Talking Book – The Emperor’s New Clothes – YouTube (3:51) Emperor is a silly, vain man who never cares about his kingdom, but always wants new clothes. – Read and listen (yr 5-6)

, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

Short Stories: The Emperor’s New Suit by Hans Christian Andersen

Many, many years ago lived an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them; his only ambition was to be always well dressed (yr 7-8) 



, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

The Emperor’s New Clothes READ ALOUD book for Children – Classic Tales for Kids – YouTube (9:11) Emperor’s New Clothes is a short tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, –  Watch and Listen. Text available in the subtitles (yr 5-7)

, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

H.C. Andersen Fairy Tales: The Emperor´s New Clothes (English) – YouTube (11:47)

The fairy tales come alive just as Hans Christian Andersen himself envisioned, through magnificent live-action, puppets and narration. (yr 6-8)

, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

The Emperor’s New Clothes by H. C. Andersen – Fairy Tale – Audiobook – YouTube (12:21) to the story called The Emperor’s New Clothes, the well-known fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. Audio book in English. – Text available in the subtitles (yr 7-8)



, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

The Emperor’s New Clothes | Full Movie | Fairy Tales For Children – YouTube (12:34) amazing Animated Fairy Tales – Animated story, with subtitles (yr 5-7)



, The Emperor’s New Clothes,

The Emperor´s New Clothes Playscript | K I D S I N – Free Playscripts for Kids!{6f1bf439e36af1b37553daee762acf2f39026584d615f32c1dfd30bd8cdb56a0}C2{6f1bf439e36af1b37553daee762acf2f39026584d615f32c1dfd30bd8cdb56a0}B4s-new-clothes/

Kidsinco short playscript for acting in class (yr 5-7)


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