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Advent Time is Near! presents FIVE Advent Calendars again this year. As each class is different, there is only an approximate language level for each calendar. The general idea is (in Sweden): A1.1.= yr 1-2; A1.2.= yr 3-4; A2.1.= yr 5-6; A2.2.= yr 7-8; B1= yr 9 and up.

Sorry for Early Birds: As the Calendar program is American and the calendar doors won’t open until the actual date, there is a delay in the morning. I hope it’s until 9 o’clock, but it may be 10. I’ll let you know on Sunday.

Precheck. The teacher who doesn’t like surprises is advised to take a peek before class for two reasons:

1. There is the same theme on each level for the day, so you may choose an easier or a more challenging one.

2. There may be an automatic advertisement that you wish to skip in the beginning.

Spoiler! This link takes you to a .pdf document that lists the themes for each day of the calendar: Advent Calendar 2019

1st Advent: This year, the 1st of December is on a Sunday, which means that there is no door to open in Calendar at school until Monday. As I know many students are longing to open the first door of the Calendar, here is an early peek to the first Advent Sunday.

A1.1. What is Advent?

A1.2. This is Britain – Advent Calendar

A2.1. Whirl Kids Celebrate Advent

A2.2. What is Advent? (Stop at 00:46)

B1. Advent Meaning Definition Advent Calendar Beginner (A1.1.) Advent Calendar Elementary (A1.2.) Advent Calendar Lower Intermediate (A2.1.) Advent Calendar Intermediate (A2.2.) Advent Calendar Upper Intermediate (B1)

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